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Students Speech

Hi, my name is Jazmine and I’m a senior student at Plenty River College.

I’ve been going to this school since 2020 and I’m speaking to you all about my experience here.

When I first came to this school, I was very shy and scared, as I was put up a year and only knew one person.

It took me a while to open up. Luckily, I was introduced to other students and I started feeling comfortable, I got along with everyone and felt good.

Plenty River College has a very relaxed atmosphere.

People aren’t judged here, everyone basically gets along.

We’re not a big school, so there’s not a lot of students and we don’t have to go from one classroom

to another for different subjects.

We can focus more on our work and we don’t have to stress about not finishing that work at the end

of the day, because we don’t have strict deadlines.

You don’t have as many worries about not passing, because you feel like you’re supported.

Teachers actually sit with us to help with our work.

They translate the work into ways we can understand, rather than giving us one way to do it.

They aren't strict and let us be ourselves and if we’re hypo, they don’t mind because we’re still doing

our work.

We have respect for each other, we’re all connected.

I feel as if I can have deep conversations with well-being and that makes me feel supported.

I don’t feel scared to share my feelings and my thoughts.

I feel more prepared for the future now.

Paul helped me get into my SBAT in childhood education and care. We had a chat about what career paths I wanted to go down.

I chose childcare, because I work really well with kids.

Soon after I was doing modules about child safety, getting my working with childrens check and meeting with managers.

Then, I started my course and was doing work placement in childcare.

Even though it was difficult and hard to get all the work done, I still managed to pass my course. As a result of passing, I am now working as a casual in childcare.

I have improved a lot since coming to this school.

I wouldn’t be where I am today if I didn’t come here. Thank you.


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